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niin was born with the aim of giving end users a set of tools and features that allow total control of niin-linked systems.

From end-to-end control of a service, passing through the logical vision of a cloud, or the representation of physical connections, up to individual component of a system.


Process control, alarm management, task dispatching, analysis, problem management, all through a visual correlation of information, an emotional representation, and a natural interaction.


niin is designed as the central element of the decision-making process, following the ooda loop pattern: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. 

natural interface


  • one interface for many data sources

  • visual correlation of heterogeneous data from different sources

  • everything under control using touches and gestures 

  • heterogeneous data sources integrability

  • management synchronous and asynchronous events 

  • high performance, high availability, high scalability

natural interaction 

data fusion

visual correlation

real time data flow

live streaming

process control 

georeferencing elements

alert management

task visualization and dispatching

logical and physical network representation


application fields


Energy Management



Territory control

Infrastructure management

Smart Cities



niin system is an innovative system of supervision, planning, command and control, which is designed to allow aggregation of information from different and heterogeneous systems.


niin system introduces highly advanced capabilities for interaction through newly designed interface based on the NUI (Natural User Interface) paradigm support for multitouch devices, through which through with simple gestures can control and interact with all elements represented on the screen.

niin system is extremely powerful system for the representation and use of large amounts of heterogeneous data from different sources. The system can be simultaneously map the network elements, security elements, alert, performance data, and any content related to each element.

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