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About Us

Natural User Interface for Complex Systems Integration.


This tag-line is the synthesis of White3’s mission.


White3 was born to establish and create innovative interface concepts that enable the integration of complex systems.


The White3 core business model is essentially identifiable by the fusion of four concepts: User-Experience, Technology-Interaction, Data-Fusion, Unified-System.


The company researches, develops and markets command and control as well as tactical and strategic supervision systems, which merge information from external systems and heterogeneous data sources. Thus creating a visual combination of information through a new concept of man-machine interface that allows system interaction through touch and gestures, according to the paradigm of interaction ‘NUI’: Natural User Interface.


In essence the concept of the Natural User Interface is the basis of our research and development enterprises, which allows us to flesh out and embody our products.


Furthermore our goal is to simplify user interaction with complex systems through a single software platform that combines under one single gesture based interface, an umbrella of sub distinct and heterogeneous systems. This enables us to manage and interact with the interface even when using the new generation hardware such as multi-touch, multi-user, air-gesture sensors, virtual reality and augmented reality platforms.


The ultimate goal is to be able to have the user immerse himself within the software solution, and then further, within the problems that he is facing every day. Such virtual immersion is done today in the consumer sphere using smartphones, tablets and VR systems which is well known to be a privilege and a solution to the entertainment and gaming market. Our product range meets the requirements to bring such immersion and interaction amongst entrepreneurial environments.


White3’s production process encompasses simplification, correlation and analysis of data to be processed, thus the information is transformed into a graphical representation, which is transparent and straight forward. The final result is an evolved, expressive, elementary and natural representation of the complexity that each and every large architecture possesses. Through the use of techniques of representation and interaction arising from the NUI paradigm, the operator is able to understand the problem in an extremely fast and clear way.

The core of the White3 company is the WhiteTeam, a group of people who over the years has maintained its cohesive core group of specialists. These elite few never ceased pushing the concept of man-machine interaction to its limits. Starting in 2007 with the pioneering research on new modes and human-machine interaction concepts, followed by the creation of HW systems, frameworks and applications aimed at the creation of multi-input and multi-user software systems, up to the construction of supervisory, command and control platform, being among the most advanced in the world, effectively creating a new market.


Over the years we have forged these solutions for both the military and the civil sector, wether in Italy or abroad it were always targeted at very high profile customers. Today WhiteTeam can count on more than 80 years of collective experience within this marketplace, as well as having participated in the making of projects for some of the most advanced and complex operational control rooms.


Today White3 is the latest evolution: expressing excellence recognised as part of the Natural User Interface applied to complex systems; fulfilling the user’s primal intuition, is the culmination of a creative-engineering path enhanced by the experience gained over the years, allowed us to transform what was once a concept into a working reality.

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