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Senior Software Engineer Developer Unity 3D

Back-end Senior Software Developer

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White3 was born to establish and create innovative interface concepts that enable the integration of complex systems.

The White3 core business model is essentially identifiable by the fusion of four concepts: User-Experience, Technology-Interaction, Data-Fusion, Unified-System.

The company researches, develops and markets command and control as well as tactical and strategic supervision systems, which merge information from external systems and heterogeneous data sources. Thus creating a visual combination of information through a new concept of man-machine interface that allows system interaction through touch and gestures, according to the paradigm of interaction ‘NUI’: Natural User Interface.



Senior Software Engineer Developer Unity 3D

We are looking for full time Senior Software Engineer to join the front-end development team based in Rome, to design and develop immersive complex applications, using cutting edge technologies.

Do you accept the challenge?



  • Design & develop efficient, modular and maintainable software components for complex front-end application based on Unity framework

  • Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications

  • Identify bottlenecks, bugs, and devise solutions to address and mitigate these problems

  • Communicate with the team members to design and develop front-end functionalities



  • University degree (preferably from Computer Engineering or Computer Science departments)

  • A minimum of 3 years’ complex application programming experience

  • Deep understanding of application architecture, object-oriented design and SOLID principles.

  • Knowledgeable in the following areas: multi-threaded programming, code optimization, algorithm, data structures and client-server architectures

  • Ability to constantly learnand stay in touch with evolving development technological standards



  • Knowledge of game engine architecture, game content pipeline and tools

  • Previous work experiences or personal projects on Unity development environment

  • Knowledge of the .NET framework and the C # programming languages

  • Experience optimizing CPU and GPU usage, memory and space usage

  • Basic knowledge of GIS

  • Git knowledge


Back-end Senior Software Developer

We are looking for full time Back-end Senior Software Developer to join the back-end development team based in Rome, to design and develop immersive complex applications, using cutting edge technologies.



  • Assisting directly and indirectly in building a high performing tech team

  • Design & Develop components to create a highly optimized, performance-driven, scalable and sustaining platform.

  • Develop REST APIs on top of a microservices platform and facilitate UI integration. 

  • Expected to design complete backend projects by understanding the business rules.



The ideal candidate will be a strong educational(University degree, preferably from Computer Engineering or Computer Science departments) / development credentials in developing scalable, distributed systems.

He / she should be able to operate in a very fast paced environment where time to hit the market is critical.

He / she should be able to adapt to rapidly changing business rules and able to build applications iteratively.

He / she should be ableto constantly learnand stay in touch with evolving development technological standards.

He / she should behave got 3years of Product Development experience 

Prior hands-on experience in building and scaling a Python-based / Golang microservices platform is required.

Strong development experience with the following technologies/products/patternsis expected:

  • RDBMS- Preferably one of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB.

  • NoSQL - Experience with MongoDB or any other NoSQL framework is desired.

  • Knowledge of publish-subscribepattern is required.

  • Software development experience of building microservices in Python / Golang is required.

  • Experience in building REST API based microservices is required.

  • Knowledge of Linux operating systems.

  • Base knowledge of virtualization and linux containers(LXC, Docker).



  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment/Delivery will be an add-on.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and front-end frameworks such as Angular JS will be an add-on.

  • Experience optimizing CPU, memory and space usage

  • Git knowledge

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